Letter to The Llanelli Star re CCC wasting money

To The Editor - letter for publication

As a cycling campaign group most would think we would welcome any kind of tarmac dedicated for cyclists! Unfortunately our County Council continue to frustrate our aims and continue to build cycle paths without any evidence that they would get used and ignore the Llanelli cyclists who are regularly forced onto the pavements of Station Road, Gelli Onn, Pemberton and Trostre shopping areas. Decent cycle paths in these areas would draw more people into considering and taking up Active Travel as part of their everyday lives.

We are with most ratepayers/tax payers and motorists in asking for their money to be better spent. No more expensive, substandard paths to Crematoria! (Unfortunately this path still only goes one way to the Crem from Llangennech and apart from "the customer" all other people need to go both ways.......). We need paths that actually link people to places they want to go by bicycle. Cycling UK advise that to get people behind Active Travel you need quick wins where cycle paths serve where cyclists want to go.

The latest aberration is the Felinfoel link road through the A4138 Dafen to Llangennech road. Please don't shout and swear at those cyclists who will continue to use the road - we didn't ask for it and it is likely to be sub standard anyway!!! Please tell your County Councillor hopefuls this May to build cycle paths IN THE TOWN. Join us in our "Give us 5miles" campaign to give Llanelli a well connected and safe cycle network linking people to the places they want to go!!

Phil Snaith, Chair