Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum Autumn 2015 Newsletter

  • LOVE LETTER FROM EDWINA....the Forum has been chasing answers to some uncomfortable questions as far as our Transport Minister is concerned. The last response was a typically blunt and forthright refusal to continue correspondence on the question of Trunk Road Agency spending on cycle schemes. Fact – it is over £8m in the last ten years and Carms has had less than 1%!!! Our connections in Bancyfelin and St Clears continue to support our focus on completing Carmarthen to St Clears cycleway and they have provided links to the BBC recently . We have also highlighted Cross hands roundabout and there may be some good news on this soon. TV and Radio interviews to be arranged very soon in Cymraeg but we are hopeful this will spread to other outlets. Don’t worry – Edwina is going next May so no damage in insisting on some justice.
  • TYWI VALLEY CYCLEWAY- our group was recently invited to a stakeholder meeting in Llanarthne which was primarily aimed at landowners. Some negative comments which we helped defend. Also some positive stuff!! This is a very long term scheme without land or money at present but the County Council are strongly supportive of this and giving it a high priority. An early setback is our attempts to link the new school at the Llandeilo end but the powers that be that govern the new complex are not keen in accepting a cycleway between their car park and the school (despite it being “protected” in the Local Plan). We will continue to help/partner Transition Tywi in its efforts down East.
  • PEMBREY LINK – the missing link still not started although there has been clearance work to expose the old track bed. We understand the money needs to be spent this financial year so will be raising this together with other issues in our quarterly meeting with the County Council’s Transport Strategy people. As is usual we will be asking for your issues/problems/favourite pot holes when we have a date for this meeting.
  • LLANGENNECH TO LLANELLI-this is a new scheme and we will be asked to review their designs and route very shortly. Hope to put this out there to members if format and CCC allow!? ACTIVE TRAVEL ACT- The county Council have at last produced the initial consultation map required under the ATA. It is available for viewing and commenting on their website at:- Please take a look at the various maps and comment appropriately. It is important to understand that this represents the baseline from which the Council can produce the next stage – what they propose to build; this is why our comments and feedback are so critical.
  • CYCLING CONFERENCE- our Forum is continuing to be part organisers of this half day seminar/conference next June. Details to be firmed up later this month but the theme is to provide for better and more convenient cycling with the limited budgets now available. That usually means asking groups like ours to come up with ideas!!!
  • FINALLY, MEMBERSHIP- our numbers continue to grow with about 3 new members per week but we could be growing even quicker! If you ride with a club or just a group of friends and they haven’t joined us yet, please refer them to the Facebook group:- Or our website where there is a simple “join us” link.