Letter re Llandeilo School

Dear Director of Education,

                                    Re: Cycle Access to new secondary school in Llandeilo


As an organisation seeking to improve safety and accessibility for cyclists we are concerned that the investment in the new school in Llandeilo appears to not cater or indeed, have even considered access by bicycle.

We have a number of members in and around Llandeilo who have expressed concern and asked that our Forum seek answers to their questions. This significant and laudable investment in education does not appear to have taken cycle access into account. I am sure you are aware that 2014 has seen Wales adopt an Active Travel Act and facilities such as schools should be at the forefront towards improving cycle access. The local members had also hoped that the lands acquired would also have facilitated better cycle access between the Town and the B road to Golden Grove and its college (and be an early contribution to the wider Tywi Valley route).

We would welcome an assurance that even at this late stage something can be done to provide access to and around the new school campus.




Yours truly.