Letter to Christina Harrhy, Director of Environmental Services

Dear Ms  Harrhy,

Re: Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum

We are the only cycle campaign group representing cyclists (and would be cyclists) across Carmarthenshire and after 13 months of existence we have a membership approaching 50 but due to “affiliations” to cycling clubs from Whitland across to Bynea can claim to represent as many as 1,000!! Our mission statement can be seen on our website www.carmarthenshirecycleforum.org.uk

One of our key aims is to work WITH the County Council in delivering safer and more convenient roads and cycle routes across our County. It was therefore with some enthusiasm  that we  supported  the Llwynhendy Safe Routes to Communities bid and offered assistance in its design. Unfortunately what we witnessed being installed was different to the early designs and appeared to be contrary to the Active Travel design guidelines. We questioned the nature of the scheme with your officers in February and have yet to receive a reply. With the scheme proceeding on the ground we took to issuing a Press Statement given the need, we thought, for some dialogue! Now that the scheme has been completed we remain concerned that much of what has been done will not serve cyclists very well and the Active Travel process will undoubtedly highlight these linkages as being in need of upgrading.

We highlight this most recent episode as a demonstration that perhaps better dialogue should occur between our Forum and the County Council and to this end are suggesting that our Chair and Secretary meet  yourself , the executive Member and relevant officers to establish better dialogue. We are happy to set an agenda if you agree to this proposition.


Yours truly,