Bike Proofing Fail at Trostre

And here's one that Phil wrote:-

Press Release – March 11th 2015

A cycle campaign group is dismayed to find a scheme costing tens of thousands of pounds of Welsh Government money is being wasted on a crossing point which will be neither convenient or practical for cyclists or the disabled. After years of highlighting the dangers of crossing between Pemberton and Trostre retail parks the Carmarthen Cycle Forum was more than happy to support the County Council’s scheme last year which included a cycle path to the west of Morrisons and a light controlled crossing to standard. What is being installed is nothing short of un-useable by bicycle or disability scooter!
Forum Secretary Geoff Rone states “have the Council undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment? Does the crossing really have to be so inconvenient that it will encourage short cutting by pedestrians ?! What’s more cyclists will either face having to use Trostre roundabout or “crab” around its edge!! With the Active Travel Act now setting the standard I am afraid this high priority area which regularly sees cyclists going to shop or work will very soon need to be retrofitted and the current crossing trashed!!”
Phil Snaith of the Cycle Forum adds “one of our aims is to support the County Council in making life easier and safer for cyclists. It is hugely disappointing to find this scheme goes contrary to these aims. It appears that the original scheme that we supported has been scrapped and in its place is a scheme that is more likely to endanger cyclists . In asking for an urgent review the County Council have simply delayed whilst the work moves to completion. The Welsh Government Transport Minister, Edwina Hart, has been contacted and asked for her views given the moneys are supposed to be for “Safe Routes to Communities”!