Bike Parking In Burry Port


 had a meeting with John McEvoy from Carms CC and a couple of Burry Port County Coucillors in the summer about the stupid bike huts in the Car Park by the railway bridge. Nothing has been done so.......

Hello All,

You will hopefully recall a meeting we had last summer regarding the dreadful bike stands in the corner of the car park by the bus stop.

The state of them at that time was poor and as I pointed out, they are essentially unusable due to being to small for a proper bike. Sadly, the passage of time has not helped matters and they are now in a dangerous condition, full of litter and with doors literally hanging off. This eyesore at the entrance to the town reflects badly on Burry Port and the Council, is no use whatsoever to the cyclists it is supposed to support and poses a danger to children who may be tempted to play around it.

Most cyclists would be more than happy with basic "Sheffield" style racks that they could just lock their bikes to and I would like to propose a solution. This existing badly designed debacle could be dismantled and sold for scrap. The space could be used for a new parking place for a couple of cars. One of the parking spaces on Station Road could then be converted into a small bike parking area using Sheffield racks providing bike parking for four bikes. At the moment people try to park their bikes outside the Coop by leaning them against the wall, this is unsatisfactory for both the cyclists and the pedestrians who feel obstructed (although obstructive car parking on pavements is not unusual in Burry Port).

Some people will of course point out that cyclists have a bike parking area a couple of hundred meters down the hill west of the damaged stands. however, it seems rather unfair that cyclists are being made to walk three hundred meters fully loaded with shopping whilst motorists can park literally outside the shops - not exactly encouraging Active Travel.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and plans on this matter.

In the interests of transparency you should be aware that I am writing in my capacity of Secretary of The Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum and CTC Right to Ride representative.

Kind regards,