Spring Newsletter 2015

Spring Newsletter – Get involved and get a tee shirt

Membership – Our numbers are increasing thanks to leaflets being circulated and the odd meeting with fellow cyclists.  Facebook numbers have increased even more and between the two we have over 50 supporters! We hope to have everyone "registered" through the website. You can be passive and just get messaging through e-mail such as this Newsletter or join more regular debate and discussion on the Facebook page. Website address is www.carmarthenshirecycleforum.org.uk  . Please look up and click on Join Up where four simple questions set you up as a formal member of the group. Joining through the website is important as the more “formal” supporters we have, the louder our voices will be.

 ·         Publicity - you might see leaflets and we have two pop up stands which we will start to deploy soon. Ideas for good locations welcome. Also hope to leaflet sportives and other events through the Spring and Summer.

·         Campaigns - Geoff Rone and Phil Snaith attended a group meeting in Cardiff where other campaign groups attended and there might well be a network building. We have also met with the Transport Minister's Finance officer and hope to have good news to report on both the Cross Hands roundabout and A40 Bancyfelin to St Clears schemes. We hope to circulate the Minutes of that meeting soon! We should also be thinking of next steps and "soft targets" could be cycleparking and/or silliest cyclist dismount signs.........

·         On the subject of Campaigns and getting involved, if you do have anything that you feel we could be bringing to the attention of the council please use the “contact us” form on the website, the plan is that these will then be posted on the “Campaigning” page and brought to the relevant authorities attention.

·         West Wales Cycling Conference - the Wheelrights campaign group in Swansea would like us to team up and help organise a high profile conference April 2016. There is a meeting in mid March and again we will report on that. Given it will have a West Wales theme again we would welcome ideas or a theme for the Conference. Best idea will win a free T shirt (yes, we have several to offer regular contributors!!)