Watch out on Route 4

A quick heads up to anyone using NCN 4 between Burry Port and Pembrey, it looks like the local yoofs have been having a smashing time under the bridge on Furnace Road - watch out for broken glass. In addition the council have been working on the path (in theory clearing it and cutting back vegetation) but the machinery they've used has left the path very muddy and slippy in places - not the place for skinny wheels!

An Amsterdam in Cardiff

Here's a link to a story from CTC,

Should we be aiming for such ambitions? Join Facebook group to discuss


New CTC Cymru Campaign Group Meeting

We had a useful meeting on Friday afternoon (9th January) with CTC Cymru and Roger Geffen the CTC Campaigns Director with a view to forming a national (Wales) campaigning group. we need to keep the Active Travel Act on the agenda and working nationally is one way to achieve this. It doesn't matter if you are a roadie, a mountain biker, ride an e-bike up and down the Millennium path or drag half a ton of shopping back from Lidl, you are all welcome and your support is needed.

New Website

We have a new website! This will be updated as time goes on, and we'll be adding new features to it too.


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