Summer Newsletter - Bike Week Again

Well it is bike week……………


Yes, it happens every year with the inevitability a south westerly howling breeze on the Millennium Path when you’re riding back from Lidl with a week’s shopping but it’s Bike Week again and to celebrate Phil and I are going to visit the Highways people in Carmarthenshire on Friday.

Active travel Act Meeting, Swansea May 2015

Active Travel Act Mapping Meeting


A few of us from Carmarthenshire went to Saturday's Active Travel Act Design Guidelines workshop in Swansea. You might find an update interesting and useful. 

For newcomers to the forum, one of our aims is to work with Carmarthenshire CC in ensuring that the duties that it has under the Active Travel Act are met and are not ignored. As a consequence understanding those duties is important to us as campaigners so firstly, here’s a brief introduction to the Act.

·         What is Active Travel?

Letter re Llandeilo School

Dear Director of Education,

                                    Re: Cycle Access to new secondary school in Llandeilo


As an organisation seeking to improve safety and accessibility for cyclists we are concerned that the investment in the new school in Llandeilo appears to not cater or indeed, have even considered access by bicycle.

Letter to Christina Harrhy, Director of Environmental Services

Dear Ms  Harrhy,

Re: Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum

We are the only cycle campaign group representing cyclists (and would be cyclists) across Carmarthenshire and after 13 months of existence we have a membership approaching 50 but due to “affiliations” to cycling clubs from Whitland across to Bynea can claim to represent as many as 1,000!! Our mission statement can be seen on our website

Sustrans ATA Mapping event

Dear Cycling Gar Member,


The Active Travel Act Wales has been described as the world’s first legislation to promote Active Travel.  The Act became a duty in September 2014 and places a requirement on local authorities to continuously improve routes for walkers and cyclists and to prepare maps identifying current and potential future routes. 


Over the summer authorities will be preparing for the first stage of the new Duty – to prepare and publish an Existing Routes Map.  


Member Action 1


Bob, one of our members has written a couple of letters to the council:-

1/ wrote to council for comments about Pemberton/Trostre crossing. So far just
an acknowledgement.

2/ wrote to council l asking if the new West link road will have dedicated
bike lane. Waiting to hear.

If you write to or contact the Council (local or County), let us know so that, if necessary we can add or support - it's what we are here for!

Good news

Ask and ye shall receive! After our letter to the County Council concerning the diabolical state of the pathetic "bike sheds" in Burry Port, I am pleased to report that they are being replaced with simple "Sheffield" racks AND the council are going to look at the option of putting one or two stands on Station Road (subject to discussions with Town and County Councillors).

So Burry Port and Pembrey members, if they decide against stands in Station Road we will be asking for you to write to your local Councillors!


Watch this space.

Bike Proofing Fail at Trostre

And here's one that Phil wrote:-

Press Release – March 11th 2015

Bike Parking In Burry Port


 had a meeting with John McEvoy from Carms CC and a couple of Burry Port County Coucillors in the summer about the stupid bike huts in the Car Park by the railway bridge. Nothing has been done so.......

Hello All,

You will hopefully recall a meeting we had last summer regarding the dreadful bike stands in the corner of the car park by the bus stop.

Spring Newsletter 2015

Spring Newsletter – Get involved and get a tee shirt


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