POLITE NOTICE and Integrated Network Map

Yesterday - 28th Feb 2017, I decided to road test the final version of the "Give me 1.5m" logo which is now on my yellow showerproof top. With Heddlu Dyfed Powys and CCF (us) lettering above and below the silver/blue chequered strip it really looks the business! Travelling up to Cross Hands on the A road between 4pm and 5pm meant loads of traffic which I have to admit, behaved very well and gave me more space. A few got close but only after slowing down!! Looking forward to rolling this out with Dyfed Powys Police over the next few months and will keep you posted.

Croeso! Welcome!

Croeso! Welcome to all our recent new members. We really value your support in helping to improve conditions for cyclists in Carmarthenshire.

If you are on Facebook please click on the link on our front page to join the facebook group - that is where most of our "conversations" happen.

All the best,


Geoff (secretary)


Letter to The Llanelli Star re CCC wasting money

To The Editor - letter for publication

As a cycling campaign group most would think we would welcome any kind of tarmac dedicated for cyclists! Unfortunately our County Council continue to frustrate our aims and continue to build cycle paths without any evidence that they would get used and ignore the Llanelli cyclists who are regularly forced onto the pavements of Station Road, Gelli Onn, Pemberton and Trostre shopping areas. Decent cycle paths in these areas would draw more people into considering and taking up Active Travel as part of their everyday lives.

Llanelli Meeting

Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum are having a meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23rd February at Ruby's Bar, Llanelli (opposite the Library).

Chairman's Review of 2015

2015 The Year of the Mudguard………

As Chairman I did a “blog” for 2014 about our first year of cycle campaigning to much critical acclaim. So risking “second album”syndrome here goes…….

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Meeting In Llandeilo

Public Cycling Meeting in Llandeilo

Meeting With CCC on 23rd July

Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum Meeting with Carmarthenshire Transport Strategy and Infrastructure Team


We had a very positive meeting with Simon Charles and members of his team on Thursday 23rd July to discuss the cycling provision and infrastructure currently being considered by the council. We were also joined by David Thorpe from Transition Towns Towy (he is also a CCF Member) The first part of the meeting dealt with the issue of the lack of safe cycling access to the new secondary school at Ffairfach,  Llandeilo.

Llandeilo School Cycle Path Campaign

All, we really need to get behind this - it doesn't matter if you are from Llandeil or Llansaint, we are all people on bikes and this is what the forum is for!


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