Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT FOR “Carmarthenshire Cycling Forum”:

  1. To make the County of Carmarthenshire an easier and safer place to cycle.
  2. Advise and support the County Council in its aims to promote sustainable transport and in particular the use of cycling.
  3. To work with all other cycling groups to increase the number of journeys taken by cycles across the County.
  4. To work with all road users to understand the best and most considerate way to share our road space.
  5. Assist in ways in which cyclists can also co-exists harmoniously with walkers, the disabled and horseriders.
  6. Help ensure that cycling (and walking) can benefit from new development across the County through constructive dialogue and advice.
  7. Seek assurances from the County Council that in all its actions and across all Departments that the needs of existing and aspiring cyclists are considered.
  8. Make sure that the positives from increased cycling are well known across all the communities of Carmarthenshire.
  9. Offer a platform for cyclists of Carmarthenshire to have their grievances heard and properly addressed.
  10. Ensure that the simple pleasures, convenience and healthy lifestyle of those who cycle is never diminished by the actions of developers, the County Council or others and that through enacting the provisions of the Active Travel Bill (Wales) many more will have access to safe and convenient cycleroutes.